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Homeschool Chinese: I Go to School

I am in grade two / Wǒ zài èr niánjí 我在二年级

Jiejie is moving rather quickly through the lessons of Volume 1.  I am amazed at how effortlessly he picks up vocabulary.  Our goal is for him to be comfortable speaking and recognizing characters … writing will come later.  I believe his ability to pick up vocabulary stems from exposure – having listened to his sister over the years, he has picked up words he didn’t even realize he knew.

I love how Teacher Shawn / Lǎoshī  老师 engages the kids in a variety of activities – capturing their interest and keeping their enthusiasm.  After reading through the conversation that introduces each lesson, he will frequently encourage them to role-play or act-out the conversations.  They take turns and play different roles each time.  This is a fun way to also allow for creativity and impromptu responses.

In the picture above, they are
role-playing the conversation illustrated in Volume 1, Lesson 5 – I Go to Dahua Elementary School in the My First Chinese Reader series .  Since we homeschool, we had Teacher Shawn / Lǎoshī  老师 ensure that the conversation is applicable to us. He thereby personalized it to our situation and taught Jiejie how to say “homeschool” [Jiāxuéxiào / 家学校] in addition to the usual terminology for elementary school.

In addition to role-playing one-on-one, they frequently came out and engaged Meili and I in short conversations.  Jiejie would alternate between his sister and me, stating our name and grade level. He likes to be silly and would say that I am in 1st grade. Considering my own level of Mandarin proficiency, I suppose he is right!

Homework Assignments and/or Enrichment Activities:

  • Complete the corresponding workbook pages
  • Write out a similar dialogue using different student names and grade levels
  • Create an audio-recording of the student reading the challenge ~ Click here to listen to Jiejie reading Lesson 5 Challenge-mp3
  • Create a cartoon strip illustrating the dialogue

Climb aboard next week, as we learn about the Transcontinental Railroad.

Eva Varga

Eva is passionate about education. She has extensive experience in both formal and informal settings. She presently homeschools her two young children, teaches professional development courses through the Heritage Institute, and writes a middle level secular science curriculum called Science Logic. In addition to her work in education, she is an athlete, competing in Masters swimming events and marathons. In her spare time she enjoys reading, traveling, learning new languages, and above all spending time with her family. ♥

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