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Classroom Activities Series: A bite of China 《舌尖上的中国》在中文教学中的应用

June 25 2015

众所周知, “吃”对任何一个民族非常重要,而“吃”更是中国文化中不可或缺的组成部分。中国文化甚至还常被泛化为一种“味觉文化”。

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A Great Patriot – 屈原 Qū Yuán

June 16 2015

端午节 (Duān Wǔ Jié) or the Dragon Boat Festival is a popular festival celebrated in June. read more…

Better Chinese Teacher: Last Two Weeks of School

June 11 2015

每年到了学期末的时候,老师和学生都在盼望着暑假,班级的气氛容易比较自由散漫。 read more…

Our Brand New Webinar Sessions!

June 10 2015

Want to become a model teacher?

Our webinars keep you up with the latest trend in Mandarin language education. read more…

Homeschool Chinese: My Family Tree

June 2 2015

Exploring the family genealogy with kids is a great way for young people to learn about their history and understand the world. Kids love to hear about their own family history. read more…

Learn Chinese with Tasks: Formative Assessment for First Graders

May 13 2015

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Better Chinese Teacher: Teaching Colors and Animals

May 6 2015

对于低年级的学生而言,颜色和动物的词汇是常用也是基础词汇。很多老师在介绍这些词汇的时候都会用到《棕色的熊》这本书,本篇文章,笔者要跟大家分享利用这本书可以做的阅读和写作活动。 read more…

Learn Chinese with Tasks: Task Design from a Cognitive Development Perspective

April 22 2015

In my first blog, I mentioned the adoption of Task-based Language Teaching (TBLT) in my first-grade Chinese classroom. read more…

Better Chinese at NCLC 2015. Join Us

April 16 2015

Find out at booth 20 how your Better Chinese classroom is not only state-adopted but also future ready.

Talk to our team and Schedule a time to find out how to bring tech to your classroom! read more…

Learn Chinese with Tasks: Activities for Elementary Students

April 15 2015


任务型语言教学(Task-based Language Teaching,又称TBLT)是目前非常流行的一种二语教学方式。虽然学术界对于“任务”的定义各有说辞,但是在我看来,主要包含以下特点: read more…