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Homeschool Chinese: Language Learning with Pop Music

September 8 2015

Last week, the kids and I read a post written by a young man, Timothy Doner, who has taught himself 20 languages. In his post and a subsequent interview we listened to, he stated that his journey began when he “would listen to the same album every single morning. At the end of a month, I had memorized about twenty of their songs by heart.” read more…

Homeschool Chinese: Good Morning, China

August 25 2015

This past week, my kiddos have been working with a children’s book by Hu Yong Yi titled, Good Morning, China. It is a delightful short story describing how China’s people “celebrate” their mornings with activities in the park. As you turn each page, the author describes the variety of activities taking place on any given morning. read more…

Homeschool Chinese: Shopping in Chinatown

July 28 2015

We live in Northern California and have the opportunity to travel to San Francisco periodically – generally accompanying the kids’ father on business trips but occasionally for pleasure. When we do, the kids always insist we visit Chinatown.

Shawn, our Mandarin instructor, is eager to encourage the kids in their conversation skills and works diligently to develop activities or assignments to help them overcome their natural inhibitions to strike up conversations with strangers. Overcoming the fear of making mistakes is the biggest obstacle language learners encounter.

read more…

Learn Chinese with Tasks: Implementing a Task Chain to Improve Integrated Language Skills – Part Two

July 22 2015

In my last article, Implementing a Task Chain to Improve Integrated Language Skills Part One, I talked about how to design a task chain in your Chinese class, the tasks are mainly focused on exercising students’ receptive skills (reading and listening). read more…

5 Ways to Activate Learning During the Summer

July 21 2015

Teaching your child a world language can be difficult, especially when it is a language that is not heard of or practiced every day. It is necessary to be creative when exploring ways to help kids learn a new foreign language. Our Summer Story Pack read more…

Learn Chinese with Tasks: Implementing a Task Chain to Improve Integrated Language Skills – Part One

July 15 2015

In my previous blogs (Activities for Elementary Students, Formative Assessment for First Graders and Task Design), I used several tasks as examples to show how I design tasks and activities in first-grade Chinese language class. read more…

A Great Patriot – 屈原 Qū Yuán

June 16 2015

端午节 (Duān Wǔ Jié) or the Dragon Boat Festival is a popular festival celebrated in June. read more…

Better Chinese Teacher: Last Two Weeks of School

June 11 2015

每年到了学期末的时候,老师和学生都在盼望着暑假,班级的气氛容易比较自由散漫。 read more…

Our Brand New Webinar Sessions!

June 10 2015

Want to become a model teacher?

Our webinars keep you up with the latest trend in Mandarin language education. read more…

Homeschool Chinese: My Family Tree

June 2 2015

Exploring the family genealogy with kids is a great way for young people to learn about their history and understand the world. Kids love to hear about their own family history. read more…