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January 29 2015

随着科技在教学中的应用越来越广泛,视频也在中文课堂中被广泛使用。观看视频给学生提供了一个真实的语言环境,加深了学生对文化情境的直观感受。但是,如果学生只是单纯观看视频,而没有活动设置,往往不能达到视频在语言学习中的预期效果。笔者在此就如何设计与视频相关的课堂任务,给出活动步骤的一个样本,希望广大老师能作为参考并灵活应用。 read more…

It’s The Year of Ram

January 21 2015

Do you know why 羊 (Yáng) Ram is placed as the eighth animal in the Chinese Zodiac? On the Jade Emperor’s birthday, all the animals in the kingdom were gathered for a “Great Race”. read more…

Celebrating Chinese New Year: Classroom Activities

January 21 2015

The Year of Ram is slowly coming down the pike, do you have Chinese New Year activities all planned out? Here are some ideas I would like to share for teaching Chinese New Year, read more…

Better Chinese Blog Open Invitation 大华风采博文征稿

January 16 2015

Better Chinese is a leading publisher of Chinese language learning materials. Started from 2008, our blog has been followed by language educators worldwide covering the topic of Homeschooling, Chinese language and culture, and language teaching pedagogy. As we are entering the 7th year of Better Chinese blog, we gladly invite all teachers or educators to join our forum and submit your article in the hope of becoming Better Chinese guest blogger and get your article published on Better Chinese web page. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment and let us know.

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Leveraging Technology Training in UK

January 8 2015

Using technology in the Chinese language classroom can transform the engagement level of your students. The development sessions present best practices for the iPad/PC/Chromebook 1:1 Chinese classroom. The two sessions for primary schools and secondary schools will be led by teacher trainers Sole Amian and Sun Shaohua, who have three years of experience teaching Chinese in iPad 1:1 Primary and Secondary classrooms. Spaces are limited, sign up to receive the confirmation and additional information about the session.

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Flipped Learning in the New Era

January 8 2015

We are excited to be mentioned in the Asia Society and Language Educator magazine about using our secondary curriculum Discovering Chinese Pro as the main supporting materials for their flipped Mandarin classes.

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December 25 2014

猜字游戏 (Charade1) 在现代课堂中经常被使用,笔者在本文中将探讨其使用方法及变体。在中文课堂中,有趣的课堂活动能够帮助学生加深对所学语言的了解,笔者经过亲身实践,发现猜字活动可以有多种使用方法。在21世纪的大背景下,老师们更可以运用科技活化自己的教学,将传统活动与现代科技相结合,激发学生的学习动机,提高课堂的参与度。

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IX Confucius Institute Conference in Xiamen, China

December 22 2014

Better Chinese participó los días 7 y 8 de Diciembre en la IX Conferencia Anual del Instituto Confucio en Xiamen, China. En esta Conferencia participaron más de 2300 representantes de Universidades, Institutos Confucio y profesores de chino de 123 países. En esta Conferencia se presentan materiales innovadores en la enseñanza de chino, desarrollados en todo el mundo.

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100 Chinese Language Learning Activities

December 8 2014

Learning a new language is very rewarding. It can be a challenge at times as well – memorizing lists of vocabulary words or writing Chinese characters over and over can get a little monotonous. To keep kids and even adults engaged and interested, language learning activities should be fun as well as challenging. Here, you will find literally hundreds of free language-learning lessons, games, and activities. Join us and have some fun.

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Storybook Club: Press Here –《点点点》

November 28 2014

Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday! Love storybooks? We have a SURPRISE for you. Come check out this week’s story – Press Here, in simplified Chinese.  read more…