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Storybook Club: Cornelius —— 鳄鱼哥尼流 (coupon included)

September 14 2014

Cornelius(simplified Chinese version)

Check out this week’s story- Cornelius, in simplified Chinese version.

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Motivation and Language Acquisition

September 10 2014


The result of globalization has heightened the need to learn additional language(s) and has resulted in an increasing number of foreign language programs launching in public and private schools around the world. As we witness more students acquiring a second or a third language, we might want to better understand the relationship between motivation and language learning. What motivates our learners to learn additional language(s)? Let’s check out what we have found in our survey ( after collecting the results from 20 respondents, and explore more into the topic of motivation and language acquisition.

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Homeschool Chinese: Going to the Zoo

September 8 2014

Some time ago, I shared with you a writing activity whereby my kids applied their Chinese writing skills in a personal journal activity. I also described a project whereby my son learned the cardinal directions. Today, I would like to share a more in-depth project that my daughter enjoyed that incorporated all of these skills and also integrated technology.

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Storybook Club: David Gets in Trouble —— 大卫惹麻烦(coupon included)

September 7 2014

David Gets in Trouble

What did you do when you get in trouble? Let’s learn Chinese while reading about how David deals with troubles.
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5 Favorite Classroom Activities for 中秋节

September 5 2014

Are you ready for Mid-Autumn Festival? Today I am going to share with you the five most favorable hands-on activities that students will enjoy according to various feedback from Chinese teachers:


1. Make moon cakes (2-3 hours)
One of the most interesting activities is making moon cakes. Traditional fillings for moon cakes include: lotus bean paste, red bean paste, jujube paste, and egg yolk. While making moon cakes, you can tell the story of the moon cake and share its symbolism: the egg yolk inside stands for the moon and the round shape stands for family reunion. Through a hands-on activity like this, students are able to learn the language and culture while having fun doing a physically active task. The activity also accommodates kinesthetic learners and motivates young learners.

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Chinese Moon Festival Celebrations

September 4 2014

Mid Autumn Festival (中秋节) is right around the corner! It is typically held on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month and this year that day is Monday, September the 8th. There are many sayings of the legends of 中秋节, the most widely told story is 嫦娥奔月 (Cháng’é bēn yuè, Chang E Flying to the Moon). The festival celebrates three major concepts: first, family and friend gathering, second, giving thanks for the harvest to the past and third, praying for a peaceful and harmonious future. Let’s see the celebrations you can do on 中秋节.

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Storybook Club: Olivia —— 奥莉薇 (coupon included)

August 31 2014


This week, the famous little piggy, Olivia, is coming. Let’s learn more about her in Chinese!
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Better Chinese Teacher – First Six Weeks of School

August 27 2014


As the old saying goes:“ Well begun is half done. ” All great teachers always try to find a way to start their year strong. One useful tool many schools have adopted is called the Responsive Classroom. The goal of the Responsive Classroom is to help students grow both socially and academically and it believes that the first six weeks of school help lay a solid foundation for a safe and positive classroom environment. Here’s a quick summary of each weekly goal.  

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Storybook Club: Mom, let’s buy some mung beans! (妈妈,买绿豆!)

August 25 2014


Is Curious George a little bit challenging for you? Come and check out this week’s story: Mom, let’s buy some mung beans! (Chinese version).
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Pursuing Bilingualism: Immersion vs. Non-Immersion

August 21 2014

Many people believe that learning another language generates opportunities for successful cross-cultural communication and better employment. In the United States, additional language instruction is considered essential for students to be globally prepared. Chinese, as a language spoken by the world’s largest emerging economy, has been gaining popularity in the U.S.  A report by the Mandarin Immersion Parents Council revealed that by November 2013, 147 U.S. schools were offering Mandarin immersion programs to K-12 students. Learning Chinese has become a nationwide trend in the U.S.

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