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Better Chinese at NCLC 2015. Join Us

April 16 2015

Find out at booth 20 how your Better Chinese classroom is not only state-adopted but also future ready.

Talk to our team and Schedule a time to find out how to bring tech to your classroom! read more…

Learn Chinese with Tasks: Activities for Elementary Students

April 15 2015


任务型语言教学(Task-based Language Teaching,又称TBLT)是目前非常流行的一种二语教学方式。虽然学术界对于“任务”的定义各有说辞,但是在我看来,主要包含以下特点: read more…

Better Chinese Teacher: Chinese Writing Workshop about Sequencing Words

April 8 2015


语言的学习包括了听说读写四个方面。在美国的中文课堂里,老师们更多地把教学重点放在认字和读书方面。相比起来,中文写作是很多美国学生和老师都头疼的事情。学生需要通过写作课来加强他们的写作技巧。本篇文章,笔者要给大家介绍一节有趣的写作课。这节课的目标是让学生了解“首先,然后,最后”的概念并且灵活运用这些顺序词来写简单的故事。 read more…

Bringing Out the Tech in Mandarin Education

March 4 2015

What drives learning in the 21st century?  Incorporating new technologies and using devices in Chinese classrooms are ways to drive learning and transform your Chinese classroom. At Better Chinese, we are excited to present you “Bringing Out the Tech in Mandarin Education” read more…

Better Chinese Teacher: 10 Fun Morning Meeting Activities

March 4 2015


  • 1. 1,2,3 看

学生站成圆圈,低下头等老师的指令。当老师说:“1,2,3,看。”的时候,大家一起抬头。如果你和另外一个人刚好对视,那么你们要互相说:“早上好”, 并且交换位置。如果你在看一个人,但是他没有看你,那么你站在原地不动。如果你不确定一个人是不是在看你,你可以打手势问他 read more…

Homeschool Chinese: Role Playing

February 26 2015

Learning a foreign language takes a lot of practice. Memorizing lists of vocabulary words and writing Chinese characters over and over again can be very tedious. Keeping lessons fun and engaging is critical to success in developing language skills. read more…

Tips on Classroom Management: How to manage children with challenging behaviors?

February 25 2015

In the past few years, I have been teaching different groups of young children in different language classes. I have encountered  several pedagogical problems and one of them is how to manage children with challenging behaviors. They do not listen to me, and they keep distracting others and making noises. read more…

The Festivals and Foods of China

February 17 2015

Traditional Chinese festivals are an important part of the country’s history and culture, both ancient and modern. Almost every festival has its own customs which reflect the traditional practices and morality of the whole Chinese nation and its people. read more…

Teach Chinese to Very Young Learners: Pathways to True Differentiated Instruction

February 16 2015

How do you teach very young learners when they hardly know how to speak? How would you design your lessons when you have a group of students with varying ages? read more…

Chinese Teaching Strategies: Doing Self-Introduction

February 11 2015

What do you teach in the first lesson of your Chinese class? How do you help your students gain interests in the Chinese language and learn Chinese at ease? With more than three years experiences in teaching Chinese as a second language, read more…