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Storybook Club: The very hungry caterpillar —— 好饿的毛毛虫(coupon included)

September 29 2014

The very hungry caterpillar

Check out this week’s story- The very hungry caterpillar, in simplified Chinese version.
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Sing Your Heart Out!

September 26 2014

Here’s a guest blogpost that we did for Dig Mandarin. What songs do you use in the classroom?

San Jose – Silicon Valley 1st Chinese Star Contests K-12

September 24 2014

We are happy to announce Santa Clara County Office of Education’s first Chinese Star Contest, in collaboration with the Confucius Institute at San Francisco State University. The purpose of the contest is to foster friendship and interest in the Chinese culture for K-12 students with a series of four cultural contests on October 25, 2014 at the county office. The contests include calligraphy, painting/drawing, poetry recital and oral presentation.
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Homeschool Chinese: Pros & Cons of Distance Learning

September 24 2014

For the past several years, we have enjoyed Mandarin Chinese lessons with a private instructor. We have generally met twice a week in his home for one-on-one instruction. Occasionally, when we have been traveling, we have utilized modern technology to engage in lessons online.
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Storybook Club: First the Egg —— 先有蛋(coupon included)

September 21 2014

coupon included

Check out this week’s story- First the Egg, in simplified Chinese version.
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Diverse Learners, Differentiated Instruction

September 18 2014


In a 21st century language classroom, traditional grammar-based language teaching has been deemed less effective when accounting for various learners’ needs. Creating a diverse learning environment is important when helping a group of diverse learners develop their 21st century skills. Teachers need to meet the needs of diverse learners by recognizing their varying background knowledge, readiness, language, learning styles, and interests. Differentiated instruction provides pathways for teachers to react responsively to diverse learner set and maximize learning opportunities. What is differentiated instruction? Why should Chinese teachers use differentiated instruction in their classrooms? How do you utilize technology to differentiate instruction in modern Chinese language classrooms?

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Storybook Club: Cornelius —— 鳄鱼哥尼流 (coupon included)

September 14 2014

Cornelius(simplified Chinese version)

Check out this week’s story- Cornelius, in simplified Chinese version.

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Motivation and Language Acquisition

September 10 2014


The result of globalization has heightened the need to learn additional language(s) and has resulted in an increasing number of foreign language programs launching in public and private schools around the world. As we witness more students acquiring a second or a third language, we might want to better understand the relationship between motivation and language learning. What motivates our learners to learn additional language(s)? Let’s check out what we have found in our survey ( after collecting the results from 20 respondents, and explore more into the topic of motivation and language acquisition.

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Homeschool Chinese: Going to the Zoo

September 8 2014

Some time ago, I shared with you a writing activity whereby my kids applied their Chinese writing skills in a personal journal activity. I also described a project whereby my son learned the cardinal directions. Today, I would like to share a more in-depth project that my daughter enjoyed that incorporated all of these skills and also integrated technology.

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Storybook Club: David Gets in Trouble —— 大卫惹麻烦(coupon included)

September 7 2014

David Gets in Trouble

What did you do when you get in trouble? Let’s learn Chinese while reading about how David deals with troubles.
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